Oh and I forgot to mention, this is a first time ever but.. 

I almost fainted (LOL i know right?!) when I first saw Zico walk out of the back.  They aisle they walked out of, well I was basically on the other side of the section? there were 8 seats beside me to that aisle, and literally only 4 people sat in my row so.. I saw him very close.

Yea, then I scream a lot and was starting to get light headed.. thank god they had a break time so I could also sit and get my shit together.

This isn’t my first time meeting a kpop idol up close and personal.  I’ve met Brian Joo (whom I love) and Teen Top(through hi-touch and other stuff). And I had my little moments, but seeing Zico that close for the first time.. DAMN i almost fainted D:

And seeing him during the hi-touch. Though he was solem and shit, I still had a good look into his eyes :’D and held his hand for more than I should of.

Block B has noticed Canada!

During the concert.. well more like showcase, there were questions asked. The one for P.O was “what country do you want to go to next?” He thought for a second, Canadian flags waving around everywhere and said “Canada.. and other stuff LOL”

Then for Kyung his question was “what other city do you want to go in the states” and he was still caught up on Canada and said Vancouver. Pretty sure he said Toronto after but all of the Canadian fans were screaming and the MC was like ‘no in USA’ but he didn’t answer that LOL Turn

Then Zico was all “started from the bottom now we here” (Drake reference)


just got home from work, our boys won first place again :) and Leo has sexy blonde hair!

So, i’m positive that Leo has been doing mad squats because he has a booty now BAHAHA

i like ;)

wtf did i just read? VIXX disbanding because VIXX TV is over? WAAAHH? why would someone think VIXX is disbanding? WTHHH that just boggles my mind. why are people so stupid sometimes.

Who the fuck would think like that. And why the fuck are people soo fucking upset that VIXX TV is over >.>

With it ending, just means there’s a new chapter starting. I know, it was our only way to see into their lives on a different level, as well as it was subbed for us but still. “All good things come to an end”.

VIXX Eternity thoughts

Song: I like it. The beat is catchy.  And I personally like this song a bit more than hyde. But then that may be because i was expecting A LOT for hyde.  Because the concept was amazing, but the song wasn’t up to par to it. Hyuk has a good amount in the song.

MV: THEY ALL LOOK SO GORGEOUS. But this is a typical boy band MV. Would of loved it if they had a concept for this comeback, but i’m still happy none the less.

Dance: VIXX ALWAYS has amazing choreography.  I can’t wait to see the dance practice for this. I love how they somehow always tie their dances together.

I think a lot of people were expecting a lot from Eternity, because Voodoo Doll was such a good concept and song.

It was just like after On and On, I was expecting a lot with hyde, but it didn’t meet my expectations.  Even though I say that.. i watched their dance practice for hyde about 20x per day >.>

Anywho, i’m excited for the comeback



The teaser pictures …. *^*

I forget where i read this.. but it was someone complaining about the One OK Rock concert not allowing cameras? And the security said it was the artist that implemented that rule. 

For me, it’s regular since every concert i’ve gone to they say no cameras allowed, but at the OOR concert it was actually pretty strict.

Then i went on and watched an interview with OOR and the producer of their documentary. Taka said how he hates cameras being pointed at him, that it actually pisses him off. SOO, maybe the security guard wasnt lying LOL

anywho, i feel like the Toronto crowd was super good.  I watched other fancams of other cities /NY and LA/. In the song Wherever You Are, Toronto fans basically sang the entire song, and Taka even let us have a verse to sing to ourselves. *^*


EXO should go to Jellyfish Entertainment


That way Jellyfish has the Starlights and Galaxy on their side.

They have the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!

i can sympathize with any fan who goes through a member leaving the group for bad reasons.

I went through Jay Park leaving 2PM, which tore my heart apart.

 But if the fans stick together.. everything will be okay in the end.  They may go their separate ways, but with support from fans, he’ll have a way back. 

Love and Respect.

that awkward moment when I start to just get into EXO.. and shit happens >.>

lets hope it all pans out nicely and Kris stays in the group.

One OK Rock concert in Toronto

It’s in 2 days! And i’m not sure when I should line up.

I’ve gone to a lot of concerts in the past, but i’ve only gone to 3 GA concerts.  i don’t know when i should line up because.. i’m reading other peoples posts about lining up at 3PM or 6PM. The concert starts at 8PM btw.

This is absurdly late for a GA concert.. at least from my point of view?

When i went to the KWave 2k12 I got there at 12PM and there was already a huge line.  My friends i met that day were there since 8AM. We were at the very front of the crowd.

In NYC, for BAP, they said that seats were also GA so I planned to line up at at least 9AM, slept in and got there at 12PM.  But i had friends in line already, and they were there at 7AM. Wasted my day waiting in line since.. i actually had to sit in my seat >.>

When I went to Teen Top’s concert in March, people lined up at around 6AM. I didn’t get in line until 11AM because of the the of tickets i had. (They were GA but, behind super angel VIP, when i was just angel VIP)

KPOP concerts.. people queue in line for up to 12 hours. 

I go to a lot of NYC concerts, and the ans line up from the day before.

I’m planning to get to Toronto by 1-2. Eat, maybe meet up with a friend for a bit, then get in line.  Or check out the line then go roam around.

PLUS.. the concert is sold out uhg. what to do

omfg, the YG FAMILY world tour poster has Team B on it!!!!!!

BUT.. no Akdong? :(

I’m a Bernardholic. He has the voice of an angel! Seriously.. he makes songs sound so good. I like how he’s so laid back and mellow. He sings so effortlessly, but it’s perfect.  And i like how he challenges himself by singing in Korean as well as different genres when he’s good with rnb. I hate how everyone is judging him just because of his latest performance.. since it wasn’t his greatest.


I like Sam Kim too. He’s gotten soo much better from when he first started.  I actually don’t really like the way he plays the guitar though.  I don’t know how to explain it.. he plays wonderfully, BUT you can barely hear it? It’s weird.. the way he plays. I fell in love with his voice when he sang Sweet pea~

Jinah.. has such an amazing voice.  I slightly wish she were in the top 2.  She for sure will get signed, if she doesn’t then she is wasted talent.

I don’t really care who wins..the runner up always gets signed too and is usually more popular.  Sam has that look that a lot of girls like, a cute boy who plays guitar.  While Bernard has amazing vocals and can hit high notes.  

Either one of them winning, I would be happy.

Teen Top Toronto/thoughts

I got to the venue at 11:30AM and there was a line up about a block.  The SUPER VIP’s were eventually moved to where the line was actually supposed to start, which caused a lot of commotion.  The way they took the people into the line was bad, because people just started to clump at the front/basically going in front of others who waited longer.

I stood around with a bunch of girls I just met that day and had a really good time.  I also bumped into some other girls from the last time Teen Top came to Toronto.

Waiting in line took forever but when we finally got in I was ecstatic.  BUT the shitty part was that they were sold out of light sticks >.> WHY? Toronto pre-ordered light sticks.. meaning we should get the amount we pre-ordered. Shitty.. but I ended up getting a free poster.

Found my friends instantly.  I felt a bit bad for the short people around me, but then again.. the short girls behind me were real bitches.  Even before the show started they continuously leaned on me and what not.  But me being a 5’7 Asian girl who plays rugby and volleyball.. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  While the concert went, they eventually got in front of me.. which was okay since they still could barely see and I could see over their heads.

Concert was AMAZING. The energy Toronto fans had was great! I’m really glad this concert was pulled off because Teen Top did an amazing job. 

I am in love with L.joe’s self composed song. I honestly wanted to cry, that’s how beautiful Chunji sang it!! When i rewatch the 1 minute video i took of it.. i feel like i’m falling in love.

Speaking about videos……. it was really annoying when all of the people in front of me.. held up their damn phone for the entire song. REALLY? fuck offff. Except.. my friend is super short and watching through her phone was the only way she could really see.

CAP is a sexy beast. HOLY His arms and all of that new ink is so sexy.  I really really liked his performance with L.joe and Changjo. DAMN, that is the first time I’ve seen or heard him rap like that. raw shit <3 At the hi-touch he was first, and super cute. Just smiling and all.  I said thank you to them while I hi5’d them and they all said it back to me :) PS. I’m the one who shouted for him to do aegyo. :P

Chunji; he’s an angel. His voice is so heavenly, especially when he sang in CAP’s and L.joe’s self composed songs. Though he is not my bias now (he was before.. when i first knew of them) I cannot forget the face he gave me at the hi-touch.  

L.joe that cutie. I love how he ran the concert since he is the only one who really speaks English. At the hi-touch man.. he had such a goofy smile just sitting there !

Niel is amazing.  His voice is pure bliss! He was totally cute during Love Fool~ During the hi-touch he was the only one standing.. and he held my hand instead of hi5ing it ;0 &He also said he’ll come back to Toronto.. HE BETTER!

Ricky is soooo friggen cute I want to put him in my pocket! I feel like he and L.joe have the most fan interactions.  I’ve felt that from the first time I saw them too.  At the hi-touch his was adorbs, especially the way he said “thank you”

Changjo my bias of the group.  The ultimate Noona killer! He flashed his abs a couple times and my heart skipped sooo many beats! He’s just gorgeousss. At the hi-touch.. for some reason I remember him giving me this puppy-eyed look LOL

I wish they all stood up at the hi-touch.  I wanted to see the height difference LMAO but then again.. they just finished a concert ><

I’m so glad I came to the show.  I met some pretty cool people and hope to keep in touch wit them :)

The only down fall of this whole event was the litter that the fans left.  Like.. these FOB Filipino girls who were in line in front of me.. they ripped out pieces of a notebook to sit on.. and when we moved up a bit, they just left it there and did it again! WTF 

Anyways, i’m glad the girls I was with all enjoyed their first ever Kpop concert.