omfg, the YG FAMILY world tour poster has Team B on it!!!!!!

BUT.. no Akdong? :(

I’m a Bernardholic. He has the voice of an angel! Seriously.. he makes songs sound so good. I like how he’s so laid back and mellow. He sings so effortlessly, but it’s perfect.  And i like how he challenges himself by singing in Korean as well as different genres when he’s good with rnb. I hate how everyone is judging him just because of his latest performance.. since it wasn’t his greatest.


I like Sam Kim too. He’s gotten soo much better from when he first started.  I actually don’t really like the way he plays the guitar though.  I don’t know how to explain it.. he plays wonderfully, BUT you can barely hear it? It’s weird.. the way he plays. I fell in love with his voice when he sang Sweet pea~

Jinah.. has such an amazing voice.  I slightly wish she were in the top 2.  She for sure will get signed, if she doesn’t then she is wasted talent.

I don’t really care who wins..the runner up always gets signed too and is usually more popular.  Sam has that look that a lot of girls like, a cute boy who plays guitar.  While Bernard has amazing vocals and can hit high notes.  

Either one of them winning, I would be happy.

Teen Top Toronto/thoughts

I got to the venue at 11:30AM and there was a line up about a block.  The SUPER VIP’s were eventually moved to where the line was actually supposed to start, which caused a lot of commotion.  The way they took the people into the line was bad, because people just started to clump at the front/basically going in front of others who waited longer.

I stood around with a bunch of girls I just met that day and had a really good time.  I also bumped into some other girls from the last time Teen Top came to Toronto.

Waiting in line took forever but when we finally got in I was ecstatic.  BUT the shitty part was that they were sold out of light sticks >.> WHY? Toronto pre-ordered light sticks.. meaning we should get the amount we pre-ordered. Shitty.. but I ended up getting a free poster.

Found my friends instantly.  I felt a bit bad for the short people around me, but then again.. the short girls behind me were real bitches.  Even before the show started they continuously leaned on me and what not.  But me being a 5’7 Asian girl who plays rugby and volleyball.. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.  While the concert went, they eventually got in front of me.. which was okay since they still could barely see and I could see over their heads.

Concert was AMAZING. The energy Toronto fans had was great! I’m really glad this concert was pulled off because Teen Top did an amazing job. 

I am in love with L.joe’s self composed song. I honestly wanted to cry, that’s how beautiful Chunji sang it!! When i rewatch the 1 minute video i took of it.. i feel like i’m falling in love.

Speaking about videos……. it was really annoying when all of the people in front of me.. held up their damn phone for the entire song. REALLY? fuck offff. Except.. my friend is super short and watching through her phone was the only way she could really see.

CAP is a sexy beast. HOLY His arms and all of that new ink is so sexy.  I really really liked his performance with L.joe and Changjo. DAMN, that is the first time I’ve seen or heard him rap like that. raw shit <3 At the hi-touch he was first, and super cute. Just smiling and all.  I said thank you to them while I hi5’d them and they all said it back to me :) PS. I’m the one who shouted for him to do aegyo. :P

Chunji; he’s an angel. His voice is so heavenly, especially when he sang in CAP’s and L.joe’s self composed songs. Though he is not my bias now (he was before.. when i first knew of them) I cannot forget the face he gave me at the hi-touch.  

L.joe that cutie. I love how he ran the concert since he is the only one who really speaks English. At the hi-touch man.. he had such a goofy smile just sitting there !

Niel is amazing.  His voice is pure bliss! He was totally cute during Love Fool~ During the hi-touch he was the only one standing.. and he held my hand instead of hi5ing it ;0 &He also said he’ll come back to Toronto.. HE BETTER!

Ricky is soooo friggen cute I want to put him in my pocket! I feel like he and L.joe have the most fan interactions.  I’ve felt that from the first time I saw them too.  At the hi-touch his was adorbs, especially the way he said “thank you”

Changjo my bias of the group.  The ultimate Noona killer! He flashed his abs a couple times and my heart skipped sooo many beats! He’s just gorgeousss. At the hi-touch.. for some reason I remember him giving me this puppy-eyed look LOL

I wish they all stood up at the hi-touch.  I wanted to see the height difference LMAO but then again.. they just finished a concert ><

I’m so glad I came to the show.  I met some pretty cool people and hope to keep in touch wit them :)

The only down fall of this whole event was the litter that the fans left.  Like.. these FOB Filipino girls who were in line in front of me.. they ripped out pieces of a notebook to sit on.. and when we moved up a bit, they just left it there and did it again! WTF 

Anyways, i’m glad the girls I was with all enjoyed their first ever Kpop concert. 

Teen Top concert in Toronto today!!!

I’m expecting the other Canadian Angels to carry out our Canadian name as the nice people?!

Let’s all just have a good time, make new friends and respect our idols. (I would say Oppa.. but they’re all.. younger than me >.>)

I hope they enjoy their stay as much as they did 2 years ago, minus the weather this year :p

my Block B tickets came in the mail today ~ Reality is finally starting to set in, even though there’s still 2 more months until the concert. But thankfully, there’s 2 months because I can save $$ :)

ps. I’m hoping Teen Top look at the weather when they come to Canada.. They are going to go from nice sunny weather in LA to here.. still snowing and cold D:

They probably are expecting nice/warm weather because the last time they came here it was sooo nice! I even got  sunburn that day…. 

Teen Top Toronto;

Some /most people on the Krowdpop Toronto page are so stupid >.> The policies for the concert just came out and people are still confused. HOW?……

9AM is the earliest we’re aloud to start lining up.  That’s prefect because I don’t want to be going to Toronto so damn early in the morning. That being said, you DON’T have to line up at 9AM, you can come later, it’s just no one should be earlier than that.

Krowdpop is now sending is E-Tickets instead of going around giving us our tickets.  On their twitter, they specifically said that you will be receiving the E-Ticket soon. SO WAIT! If you don’t receive one by Sunday, bring your confirmation email. As for me, I will be bringing both just in case.

And for the last time, THEY NEED A PHYSICAL COPY OF THE EMAIL/ETICKET, you cannot show it on your phone.

Every KPOP concert says NO CAMERAS/NO PICTURE. Meaning, do not try to bring your huge ass DSLR and what not. Legit.. people care more about pictures and videos than the actualy concert. And when they look back at the stuff they took.. IT’S SHITTY. So just enjoy the concert. AND THOSE FUCKERS who hold up their damn cameras, and iPads get in the fucking way. 

I’m telling you here. If that shit is in my view, i will hit it down after I ask you nicely to put it away if I see it up again.

But with that being said, you’re obviously aloud to have your cellphones in the venue >.> DUH It’s not like your phone is going to have batteries that will last you to record the entire show anyway. I obviously plan to get a couple pictures and maybe a 15 sec clip so I can instagram it.. but that’s it.

I don’t record stuff anymore because i never watch them, I never post them up, and all you hear is my screaming. Might as well enjoy my time and not worry if I got a good shot of their face or not.

There will be coat check. Hello? We live in Canada. Even if it’s Spring, it will still snow. It’s snowing outside my window as I type D: Coat check will be $5-10, i’m guessing! Wish it were cheaper ><;; But even if you do coat check, I think it’s important to have a small bag/purse with you to carry your important things, like money/i.d. But i’m just stating the obvious.

The types of fans I have encountered at concerts.

Teen Top: Angels - They’re okay.  I met Canadian Angels and for the most part, i liked them.  I made a lot of friends while at the concert all of them being Angels.  During the concert though suddenly turned into some what of chaos when Teen Top came on.  Lots of pushing. But all in all, so far Teen Top fans are just.. okay.  I’ll be meeting more on March 30, so we’ll see :)

Big Bang: VIPs - I only communicated with Canadian VIPs that I met on the bus when I was going to NYC.  They were all super nice and i’m pretty good friends with them all :) As for the fans when I was at the concert.. they seemed a bit more stuck up? Legit, that’s how it felt.

B.A.P: Baby’s - Most of them are really nice. At the fan meeting that Verizon had for BAP, I met 4 super nice girls. One that I still talk to and have plans with to hang out in June. While waiting in line for the concert, the fans around me were really cool.  We all saved spots for each others and talked the entire day. As for what happened in the concert hall; they can explain for themselves.  I watched fans get pulled out from crowds because they fainted and what not. But I had seats so I was good.  I stood the entire concert too, and I’m pretty sure all of the fans did too.  

Infinite: Inspirits - so far, THE SCARIEST of fans I have met. I had seats so I didn’t need to line up, but when I went to go get my tickets.. maybe because it was dark, but everyone gave me the death glare.  Just walking past them to get to my hotel.. they looks scary.  Once in the building.. someone was in my seat. NOT COOL. So i threw their things onto the stairs beside me and sat down. One thing I didn’t like about this concert.. NO ONE in the seats stood up. I would of, but i’m pretty sure a lot of fans would be mad.  And a lot of the fans didn’t seem to be enjoying the concert, they looked so .. bored? And, a mother and daughter had their seats stolen and the ppl who took it wouldn’t get out of the seats.. As for the pit, it was a disaster.  I thought BAP was bad.. this was 20x worse.  At least 100 fans got pulled out, and Infinite even had to stop the concert to tell the fans to stop pushing.  It was embarassing.

CN Blue: Boices - The most lovely people ever.  I had seats, again.  I got into the line at around 6 and instantly started just talking with the people around me.  They were super friendly.  When I got inside and went to the coat check line, the fans were super nice again! I butt in line.. (i didn’t know I just stood there).  At my seat, I was in between 2 girls.  At first it was a bit awkward, but I somehow talked to both of them the entire time until the show started.  There were girls behind me who gave me fan stuff too.  After the concert, I went to get my bag, and met up with the fans I met before hand in the coat check line.  Also, this is a rock concert-ish.  I was expecting a lot of pushing too.. but there was none! It was such a smooth concert. The only bad thing was.. my side of the seats no one stood up >.> again wth! 

Guess who just bought Block B tickets !??!

YUP. I’m crazy haha

I’m pretty sure there will be multiple people complaining about how Jazzy Group US said that the tickets go on sale at 10 CST, when they went on sale at 10 EST.  But with that…. as seeing Jazzy Group hasn’t been so professional, people should really learn.  

Like, people need to cut Jazzy Group some slack! It’s hard enough to bring a kpop group over let a lone one that doesn’t come from the big 3.  And this is all being funded before hand, so it’s not like we have to raise money for them too.  So a big thumbs up to them, they are fucking bringing Block B here. BLOCK FUCKING B.

But than again, i’m pretty optimistic towards this stuff.  Like powerhouse.. first time buying tickets with them and it took forever but went beautifully.  Second time buying with them, it went smoothly, but the one thing was that they couldn’t mail a lot of the tickets out, which had to be will call.  Especially me, coming from Canada this was really stressing.  But the will-call thing was quick and easy (for me.. and not the 3 girls that were crying there) I still love powerhouse though.. they sell tickets cheap :)

So i like Jazzy Group, they’re bringing Block B.. and should bring VIXX back :)

I bought 2 tickets, since my friend is supposed to come with me.. but if she bails it’s up for grabs. I’ll make a giant post for that if it ever happens though ;)

This concert includes hi-touch too! More like low-touch ;P BAHAH jk.

10 days until the Teen Top concert in Toronto!

this will be the 2nd concert that i’m in GA D: FUCK The first time.. was when Teen Top first came here and must I say……. it was rowdy! I remember when Teen Top came on stage was when the pushing started.  I was at the very front where the barricade was.  They left about a meter space from the stage.  I was somehow pushed back, but still had a good view.

Just glad it died down a bit when Brian and G.Na came on.  But i literally was hitting this white guy in the ribs who was all up in my face and area when Brian was on. >.> I was there for Brian, and this guy was trying to get in front of me.. when he was a head taller than me. I also remember popping random balloons that we in my way LMAO.

The one thing i’m regretting about this is that it’s GA. Meaning I have to line up early, and stand in a nasty crowd of fans.

I’m always, always down for seats when it comes to concerts despite which group it is. Because I get a clear perfect view of them, with out having to fight people if I have to.

But luckily.. i’m a pretty tall Asian girl so, i’ll be able to see :) My friend who’s coming with me though.. i feel bad for her.  It’s her first concert and she is tiny! I think she’s like 5’1.. or something. Maybe a bit shorter .. I’m about 5’7 now.. grew like an inch and a half since grade 7 bahah

KPOP Concerts are hell to me.

I was disappointed that Toronto couldn’t raise enough money to get Teen Top to come back.

Block B is coming to NYC; but their venue is in Long Island.  Which i don’t know how the fuck to get there >.>

B.A.P is coming back to NYC on April 13. WTFFFFFF

All I can say is.. WHY DO I LIVE IN CANADA?! And I fucking hate all of these American fans complaining about groups not coming to their city/state. Fuck off.. they don’t even come to fucking Canada as a country! Like.. Canadian kpop fans make a huge fucking effort to go to the states for concerts.  

Anyway.. i am a crazy Canadian fan as you can see D:

I plan on making another solo trip to NYC for BAP in April .. (possibly) and going to NYC in June with my friends for Block B !



Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve never heard of numbers in the line for standing tickets. Still shocked by this. Do they do that in your countries?
Answer me please, I’m just curious

they do that in Korea but it’s way different there since they have legit fanclubs and stuff.  I know people tried something like that in NYC for the Infinite concert which slightly worked but got a lot of people angry because only a few people knew what was going on.

I actually get so irritated when someone from LA complains about not getting a kpop concert of a certain group >.> LIKE REALLY!? YOU’RE GOING TO GO THERE?

LA get’s everything. 

I live the sad sad life of being a Canadian Kpop fan having to travel down to NYC for a concert.

SOO glad Block B is coming to NYC. Making it a goal to see all of my favourite groups, and they are on the list~

I bought Teen Top tickets.. but i’m kind of regretting it? (SORRY GUISE) I’m hoping for a refund, so I can put that money towards Block B. I’ve seen Teen Top before, i’ve met them in person; literally didn\t know who they were though but I met them and talked to them for a bit.

Anyway…. BLOCK B!!!!!!!

Very first impression of 2NE1’s new album.

I’ve listened to each song once and so far i like 4 of them.  I’m going to listen to it more thoroughly later, perhaps write up a review?

Jaehwan and Yonghwa are totally ruining my bias list right now..