EPIK HIGH - Born Hater

This song is fucking amazing.  Whoever says else wise is fucking deaf.

The song is so ironic because this song is to the haters,and a shit ton of the comments to this video is hating on the MV/EPIK HIGH/B.I and the song.

Why though?

The MV is shot in a different angle, which is different and new.  This is the first MV i’ve seen like this and it goes to perfect.  Obviously the people who don’t like it can’t handle change.

People saying this isn’t the “EPIK HIGH” type of music because they are swearing too much. First let me start off….. EPIK HIGH is raw shit and they swear a shit ton, they’re hip-hop isn’t that obvious enough? If people were actually HighSkool’s then they would know how EPIK HIGH are.  And.. YG even said that he didn’t let EPIK HIGH use the YG studios to keep their music basically ‘un tainted’ by the ‘YG style’. Plus this song isn’t only EPIK HIGH.. I wouldn’t even call it a song that features other artist.. it’s more of a collab song and cypher even? Nonetheless everyone in this song has equal parts.

Then there’s B.I. Poor Hanbin, still getting all of this hate either because people love him or hate him. The people who love him are complaining that he has less screen time and that his verse isn’t as long as others. Wow you have a lot of time on your hands to watch how much time he gets.  Do people not understand.. he got the chorus and his own verse.. and he’s basically everywhere in the MV. COME ON !!  Then the people who hate him. People saying this is YG biased because he’s everywhere when this MV and song was all of EPIK HIGH’s doing. People hate him because ..they’re…  born haters. I don’t see what’s to hate about him, he’s the most humble and hardworking kid ever.  He has so much shit he has to deal with yet he’s carrying himself like he doesn’t.

This is the best comment ever and I agree so muchto the analysis of the MV.

Each person is representative of one of the 7 deadly sins. 

Tablo is Pride, that’s why he bashes previous greats. 
Beenzino is Sloth, thats why he sits around, fishes
Verbal Jint is Lust, that’s why he looks at porn
Mithra is Gluttony, hence the food
Mino is Wrath, he smashes the lens, stomps on things, sticks the middle finger
Bobby is Greed because he deals with money, and fame and gold. 
Tukutz is Envy, because he never gets the spotlight and quietly looks on. 
BI is the clean one, which is why he’s saying stuff like “that’s no no” and tries to clean all the other messes. 
My opinions of the MV and song. Well i fucking love it.  It’s been a while since the Korean Music scene had this type of hiphop song.  Each and everyone featured in this MV killed it. I don’t know, I want to talk about everyone separately but I’d probably just talk about Zeeno and Mino because they are babes. >.>


forever wishful thinking of KPOP groups to come to Canada D:

Thank you Brian Joo, G.Na, APINK, Teen Top x2 , and Eric Nam for coming here :)

So this girl I know, but I don’t talk to much said that there are 6 kpop concerts going to be in New York in November. I didn’t want to ask the other 2 since I can only afford to go to one >.>

first it was g.o.d who are coming Nov 9. 

then AOMG who are coming Nov 15.

then VIXX (my baes) are coming Nov 23, which I am going.  Sadly it’s only a showcase.. hoping they bring HexSign over here too.

and then I read that 2PM was coming….. Nov 14.

like I don’t really care for them and it’s almost ironic they’re coming the day before Jay Park is but oh well…….

wishing I had a huge sum of money and lived in New York. :( :( 

The things Jaehwan says sometimes tho…

i just want to punch his face

i’ll forever be a Dalmate and A+ even if the boys aren’t around anymore.


MBLAQ is initially breaking up now.  This is really sad news, but I saw it coming.  This sucks because they were once my favourite group, and the are forever will be my favourite group to watch on a variety show/their own show.

They are the most hilarious guys ever, always down to earth and real. It sucks that they couldn’t stay together longer.

I guess i’m gonna have to go to Korea and marry Seungho…… to make his wish of being a young father true ROFLL JOKING.


So far, holy shit I love this song.

so far.. after watching it once.

What is on Ravi’s head?! and N’s cyborg is the tallest lol.

I cannot wait for the dance practice.  VIXX’s dance practices are my favourite things of all time.  I literally watch them like.. 20 times a day no joke.

I also am really liking how Jellyfish made a short description on what the MV was about.  So far, the only company to do so.. making it easier for us fans to understand wtf is going on LOL

just finished watching ep 5 of Mix and Match.

I really wish the group would debut as 8.  Like, the only one I don’t think fits well with the group is Hongseok.  Like he’s really handsome, and has a pretty decent voice but he doesn’t match well.

I really like Chanwoo.  He seems the most comfortable with the members and he learns very well.  As for Jinhyung.. I like the kid too.  I like his raspy voice and he’s cute :)

It would be so so sad to see one of  Team B to go because they have all improved so much.  Yunhyung I fell has improved the most and I feel like he helps the members out a lot.  Especially since he is one of the hyungs in the group, he’s a really caring guy. Then there’s Donghyuk who has improved a lot and is super cute.  In WIN I barely took noticed of him, but now he’s one of the guys I look for the most. And lastly is Junhoe. I love his voice, he has such a unique voice yet it’s so powerful.  Plus he is pretty hilarious.

But yeas, I don’t want to watch ep 6 when it comes out.. too many tears. :(


oh and when Chanwoo was sick.. omg i just want to be his noona and take care of him.

This picture is cute and all, and I’m totally for this couple, but guys seriously..

GD’s butt booty tho.

I’m not a fan of Boyfriend, but holy shit do I like their concept for WITCH.

I’m into the fantasy/dark concepts for groups/solo artist LOL

I’ve had the lucky chance of being able to see Teen Top live twice and they have grown so so much from the first time i saw them (2012) to the second time i saw them (2014) and to now.. their debut.

L.Joe’s song Love U.. is so amazing.  Like, i’m glad there is a studio version of it out now, but seeing it live was crazy.  I was literally in tears when I first heard this song because I felt like it was SO good. 

After hearing Teen Top sing that song, I literally always call Chunji an angel.  Whenever i see his picture on tumblr or something, i always think of the word angel.

He really does have the voice of an angel. YOU GUYSS…


Return of Superman watchers..

Ilkook’s triplets names are; from oldest to youngest is Daehan, Minguk, Mansae.

In Korean, if you say their names is order like that it’s the cheer Koreans use in sports LOL

'Dae Han Min Guk' means.. basically 'go Korea' and 'Mansae' means 'hooray'

I always said it was weird to call someone Mansae but now I get it!!

haven’t been here in a while;

So I was listening to some g.o.d and went to watch their new MVs that they recently put out.  The song ‘Sky Blue Promise’ I actually thought it was going to sound like their song ‘Sky Blue Balloon’ but it ended up being like ‘One Candle’. Then I saw the comments saying the song sounds like BTOB’s “Second Confession’, so I went on to look at that MV.

I’m pretty sure BTOB’s song is a tribute type of thing? Because if you guys didn’t notice but the radio host is actually Danny from g.o.d.  He even says he’s “g.o.d blah blah blah” LOL

Soyea, this is for the new g.o.d fans who don’t know much :D

Oh and I forgot to mention, this is a first time ever but.. 

I almost fainted (LOL i know right?!) when I first saw Zico walk out of the back.  They aisle they walked out of, well I was basically on the other side of the section? there were 8 seats beside me to that aisle, and literally only 4 people sat in my row so.. I saw him very close.

Yea, then I scream a lot and was starting to get light headed.. thank god they had a break time so I could also sit and get my shit together.

This isn’t my first time meeting a kpop idol up close and personal.  I’ve met Brian Joo (whom I love) and Teen Top(through hi-touch and other stuff). And I had my little moments, but seeing Zico that close for the first time.. DAMN i almost fainted D:

And seeing him during the hi-touch. Though he was solem and shit, I still had a good look into his eyes :’D and held his hand for more than I should of.

Block B has noticed Canada!

During the concert.. well more like showcase, there were questions asked. The one for P.O was “what country do you want to go to next?” He thought for a second, Canadian flags waving around everywhere and said “Canada.. and other stuff LOL”

Then for Kyung his question was “what other city do you want to go in the states” and he was still caught up on Canada and said Vancouver. Pretty sure he said Toronto after but all of the Canadian fans were screaming and the MC was like ‘no in USA’ but he didn’t answer that LOL Turn

Then Zico was all “started from the bottom now we here” (Drake reference)